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I thought it would be fun for our members to show their hops and share their hop growing experiences. 

It could be anything from a rhizome to harvested hops and/or anything in between. I know there are alot of folks that grow their own hops. Hopefully by sharing pics and experiences we can all grow and learn how to successfully grow and harvest hops.

Here's a shot of my third year Sterling hops.

My first years are moving along this to be expected.  I planted them May 12th, and as of yesterday they are only about 2 feet up the trellis.  I know the first year they build their root systems, but I was hoping for a little more by this time.

I'll try to post a picture when I get home tonight.

Yes. Actually two feet in 45 days is pretty good.

The first year the hops are developing a root system to enable them to obtain the proper nourishment. The next few years they should double in size assuming they are receiving the required amount of sun, water and nutrients.

i planted santiem, magnum and sterling rhizomes on easter sunday.  the magnum hops have hit the roof of my garage (8foot) and are turning back toward the ground. the others are close.  I am not sure what i am going to do with them. either let them go down and up or string to the second floor.  they are not very full yet.

I think sunlight is a big part.  I planted a few varieties on the side of my house.  The ones in front that get sun for better than half the day seem like they grow a foot a day once they get going and I have them thinned out.

I think it depends on the variety too.  My Chinook get's the biggest.


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