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Author Topic: agave  (Read 1778 times)

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« on: March 05, 2016, 06:36:26 pm »
I have a 3 gallon gose currently fermenting 100% lacto at 80-105F for now.
My gravity after boil was 1.027. much lower than i intended but i know what the problem was and how to fix that next time.(Does the salt throw off the hydrometer? If so wouldn't it just raise my gravity not lower it.)
48 hours after pitching lacto i am going to use agave to up my alc content.I understand there are MUCH better options but this is a special request and i have read that agave really dose work great with wheat.
 I read this quote online
"Agave nectar, like honey, is almost completely sugar and it can ferment very dry. Research indicates it has the same OG as honey (about 1.034)"
 i also read agave syrup is mostly fructose and saccharomyces will not digest it completely.
when compared on google find
100 grams of honey there is 82 grams sugar
100 grams agave there is 68 grams of sugar
according to a online calculator if i add 10 oz of honey to my 3 gallons it will be able to raise my alc content by 1% i plan on adding about 12oz agave syrup for the same effects along with a pack of gigayeast berliner weisse mix.
I would love to believe that agave is the same to beer as honey but they glycemic index is much lower.The amount of  carbohydrates is definitely lower and sucrose higher.
 Comments, questions or critiques i'm all ears.
 Anyone know something important that i or anyone reading this in the future should know? 

what i really need to know is the PPG of agave/ How many gravity points would a pound of agave add
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Re: agave
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sorry double posted trying to edit.

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