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Just got a box off Ebay, looks great, but wondering if a stepdown from maybe 3/8" to 1/4" tubing is normal? It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 90' of stainless coil. Maybe the last 20' is tiny - anyone know why? Also assuming 15psi normal serving pressure how much do you ramp up PSI for the jockey box?

According to the Brewers Associations Draught Beer Quality Manual, for jockey boxes, "Set CO2 pressure to 35 to 40 psi on 120 ft. coils.  Shorter coils are not recommended, but if used, should dispense at 30 – 35 psi."

I have a 3 tap jockey box I built with 50 ft. coils--I only used it once so far and the pressure was definitely too low at 15 psi.  I'm using it again in 2 weeks and plan to follow the recommendations above then.

I found the site where this one is sold, Rapidswholesale. May be 100 foot + 20' of quarter inch "CHOKE". Not sure what the point of that is. Still researching.

Take a look at the Draft Beer Quality Manual I mentioned above:

It has stuff in there about chokers as well.  Basicaly they provide resistance and balance the system.  Good draught beer (whether from a jockey box, kegerator, etc.) is all about balancing your system (pressure, beer line length, temperature are the major players).

I printed the manual out at home.  I have a three different ways to serve kegged homebrew (kegerator, jockey box, and a small portable kegerator) and it's a great resource.

Cool, thanks for the link!


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