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Re: New Orleans
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Disney could probably sell the $..t out of some Chimay if they weren't scared that people puking in the trash cans would screw up their image  ;)

Disney has some good beer options here and there (at their properties and Epcot).  The prices aren't too different from bar prices IME.  I really liked the time we went and Germany had Optimator on draft.

I was just going to post this, being a self professed Disney geek (see my Anaheim post in this forum), Disney is opening up their alcohol service.   Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom is the first place to serve alcohol in MK, the other parks have always had it.  Be Our Guest had some interesting beers including Kronenberg 1558, but we got wine because they have their own label.  EPCOT is a good beer spot.  Bass Ale in England, Tecate in Mexico etc.  Nothing super rare, but all representative of the host country. The prices at EPCOT aren't bad.  The prices at California Adventure (again, Disneyland Resort side doesn't serve alcohol) seemed a bit high, captive audience and all that.
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