Author Topic: Need help with serving ideas for my wedding in October  (Read 3993 times)

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Need help with serving ideas for my wedding in October
« on: April 07, 2016, 08:48:35 PM »
I am a new homebrewer. I just kegged my first beer (hopfellas IPA extract) in my new one tap kegerator using a 5 gal ball lock keg. I am fermenting another (fresh squished IPA all grain) currently and going to brew another batch this weekend (brunch stout all grain). Needless to say I have a strong addiction to this discipline already.  My goal is to gain enough experience to make some good homebrew beer for my wedding in October and be able to set it up so an idiot could serve it.  I don't want to be bothered during the first dance because my kegs are pouring straight foam.  I want to be confident enough to not have to buy a 1/2 barrel of busch light as a backup.

My reception will be smaller (150ish people) with only about 1/2 of them being drinkers.  So I am thinking I want to have four 5 gallon corny kegs on tap (blonde, IPA, Stout, Cider/girlbeer). And maybe 2 kegs for backup for when those kick.

What is the cheapest way to serve 4 kegs like this? Picnic taps and some sort of cooler jockey box? I don't see myself ever needing to serve 4 different kegs at once again. Do they make a 4 way regulator for the CO2?


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Need help with serving ideas for my wedding in October
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2016, 08:52:04 PM »
Hire somebody to pour for you. We paid an extra $25/hour to have an additional bartender. Self pour is a bad idea because most folks don't understand that faucets have two positions.

Jockey box is best, but picnic taps will work in a pinch. Kegs should be in ice anyhow. You can get a manifold to split the gas from the single regulator, or even use tees.

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Re: Need help with serving ideas for my wedding in October
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2016, 06:11:24 PM »
We had someone from our church we trusted that wasn't coming to the wedding doing ALL of the pouring. As said previously...self pour=bad news. If you can set the kegs where you will have them a day or two ahead of time will be best.  Also if you can add more taps that would be better as well so that if one goes empty you can just switch to the next tap.   For us the best thing to ease my stress was ensuring the equipment was completely setup days before.   Avoids any shaken kegs with a smudge of sedement in them. I have four taps now and actually wish for two more.  I love having selections. The regulator or manifold is pretty expensive but it can be done. If you build a setup to work for the wedding you could ensure it is something you could use for yourself in the future.jockey boxes are very useful but my thought was is this something you will use again very frequently. I take my keezer to family functions twice a year and have people at my house frequently. 
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