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Fellow Homebrewers,

I am hoping to clone SKA's Modus Hoperandi.  In communication with Bill Graham, he mentions they Burtonize Durango, CO water.  I tried looking for the Durango, CO water report as well as contacting Durango's public works dept..  Needless to say, they may have one of the least informative water reports in regards to homebrewers I have come across!  I don't want to "completely" Burtonize the water, but I also need to have an idea of Ska's starting point.  I plan on Buronizing my local water source which is moderate in hardness and alkalinity.  I imagine Durango's water supply is low in mineral profile because of it's location.  If anyone in or around Durango has an accurate water supply from Ward's lab or a similar resource I would greatly appreciate it!


Finding the right public official or water company water quality technician who will give you the secondary standards (aesthetic) of the water report can take quite awhile.  But I still recommend you make the effort and start the process.  Well water profiles can vary over short distances I'm told, so relying on a report from a source 3 miles away doesn't necessarily mean that's what you're getting out of the tap.

In the meantime, if you're impatient, just use RO water and build your water with brew salts to SKA's profile.
Then you'll definitely know what you got.

Water makes a big difference in your brews.  It's definitely worth the effort.

The only info Bill at SKA brewing gave me is that they "Burtonize" Durango, CO water.  Now I could certainly Burtonize my own water source and likely be just fine.  I have been doing water adjustments for quite some time and I am very comfortable with this.  I would just like to know exactly what the starting point of SKA's water supply is before I just start throwing brewing salts into my local water supply.  I will certainly try and contact a more knowledgeable public works official in the fine city of Durango, CO later this week. 


Lip up Fatty


Pretty good beer, for Durango water.


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