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homespun cheesesteak

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a homespun version of a philly cheese steak.

That afternoon I took some very juicy peaches, cut them in halfs. sprinkled each side with cinnamon sugar and put them on the fire for about 10 minutes each side.  came out absolutely awesome, like peach cobbler goodness right off the grate in no time.   

Then took three ribeyes, some onions and bell peppers,  grilled them up with the steak coming in about medium rarish.  I blackened the peppers, then blanched them in cold water and peeled off the blackened burnt part.  The big yellow onions were just started to camelize.  Sliced everything up really thin and put them on the stove in a skillet with a splash of olive oil and about half a raspberry wheat beer.  They simmered about 45 minutes or so.

Placed in a wheat hoagy bun and topped with provolone cheese that melted up all ewwy gewwy good.

While not a true official philly cheesesteak, it worked for us. 

Bobby Flay throwdown rerun was on a couple nights ago. Yours looks too healthy actually.
Looks great - picture of the final sammichez would be good.


Here's my first attempt at something quite similar!  This was at least a year ago.

Raw ingredients...I've made these many times since and now I generally use all hatch or anaheim chilies.  The red bell pepper is nice but I love the flavor of a good green chili, can't get enough of them!

On the grill...

Everything cooked up.  With some grilled peaches, which we greedily ate before we even got the sandwiches together...peaches grill very nicely!  And yes...the steaks were overcooked.  I was fearful back then, they don't see as much flame now.

Everything sliced up and reheated in a skillet...

Assembled...later I learned to make use of the broiler, which toasts the bread much nicer.  Still, these are good.  Served with a blackcurrant cider, if memory serves.

Dude!  We even had peaches in the same shot!  What are the odds!  High five!

Oh crazy - I thought I was looking at a second set of the same pictures!.



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