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I'm still new to brewing, but would like to try my hand at making a tripel using extract. I thought up a simple recipe but have a question on the yeast. Should I use the 1762 Belgian Abbey Ale II or the 1787 Trappist High Gravity?


13.2 lb Gold LME
1 LB of Vienna Malt steeped in half a gallon of water at 155F for 40 mins
1.5 lb light Belgian Candi Sugar

1.5oz Tettnang - 1 hour
1oz Saaz - 30 mins
0.5oz - 15 mins

Also does this sound like it would work?

It depends on what you want the beer to be.

3787 is the Westmalle strain (also used by Westverleteren and Achel).  This is the one I use for Tripels as Westmalle Tripel is one of my all time favorites.  3787 is recommended for Tripels by Wyeast.

1762 is the Rochefort strain.  Better for a Strong Dark Ale.

But you could always give 1762 a shot in a Tripel.

Pitch at about 65F and let it ramp up.

My preference is for 3787 for tripels.  It's Westmalle yeast, and they invented the tripel.  But you can make a good tripel with 1762, also.  In your recipe, I'd lose the Vienna malt, but it's not a huge deal.  I also prefer to use cane sugar in place of the Belgian candi sugar.

+1 to dropping the Vienna.  That would need mashed (not steeped) anyway, no?

Depending on the fermentability of you LME, if you like your Tripels dry you may want to use even more sugar and less LME.

Oh, yeah.  I haven't used 1762 yet but I have used 3797 and it makes a tasty Tripel.


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