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The results of the 2010 AHA Member Demographic Survey are in!


The 2010 Demographic Survey results are in. From the members of the AHA Survey Sub-Committee and the. AHA Staff, we want to thank all 3,400+ members who responded. This compares with 743 members who responded in 2007, or a +450% increase.

Some of the high level information that we learned from our members include:
In 2007, 13.2% stated they were between 21-29 years old.In 2010 it is 14.5%In 2007, 31% stated they were between 30-39 years old.In 2010 it is 32.2%In 2007, 29.9% stated they were between 40-49 years old.In 2010 it is 24.8%In 2007, 19.8% stated they were between 50-59 years old.In 2010 it is 20.8%In 2007, 6.1% stated they were between 60-79 years old.In 2010 it is 7.7%No one indicated that they were 80+ years old in either survey. Apparently Fred Eckhardt doesn't do surveys ;-)

In 2007, 96% of respondents were male. In 2010 95.3% were male. Sigh…makes me yearn for the days when the "Ale Wife" was more prevalent.

In 2007, 70.4% had obtained at least a Bachelors degree. In 2010, 71.3% had at least a BA. In both years, over ¼ of responding members had achieved either a Graduate Level Degree (22.5%/20.5%) or a PhD (6.3%/6.7%).

Overall, homebrewers make a good living:
20072010< than $25K2.8%3.4%25,000 – 29,9991.6%2.2%30,000 – 34,9992.6%2.4%35,000 – 49,9997.4%7.4%50,000 – 74,99921.9%19.4%75,000 – 99,99924.9%20.7%100,000 – 149,00025.2%28.4%150,000 or higher13.6%16.2%In 2007 84.5% were married or living with a significant other, versus 82.6% today

In 2007 57.6% had a significant other who was supportive of the hobby, versus 59.5% today. In both surveys only 11% indicated that both were involved in the homebrewing activity.

A new question this year asked "How many years have you been an AHA member?" provides some interesting info.
1 year or less33.3%2-3 years29.9%4-5 years13.8%6-10 years10.9%Etc…

The question in 2007 asked "How many years have you been Homebrewing",
1 year or less10.4%2-3 years17.8%4-5 years16.4%6-10 years18.7%11-15 years21.9%16-20 years9.0%Etc…

Friends and family members continue to be how most people got started homebrewing (34.5% / 39.6%), followed by being given a gift of a homebrewing kit/homebrewing book (21.8% / 19.3%) and through a local homebrew supply shop (18.6% / 17.5%)

Members strongly agree with the statements that they brew beer because:
20072010I enjoy the creative/artistic aspects of brewing74%69.5%I brew because I can customize the beer to my taste52%50.6%I brew because I like the scientific aspects44%46.1%I enjoy the company of those I brew/share with41%39.8%Fewer members state that they brew beers primarily to enter competitions (36% / 40.3%), or "I brew because it is cheaper than buying beer at the store (23% / 20.5%).

"Is there a local homebrew club in your area?" remained pretty consistent (82.4% / 81.1%), and yet about 35% indicated that they never attend these.

In 2007 65.8% indicated that they had ever entered a homebrew competition, and in 2010 that percentage slipped a bit to 56.6%

In 2007, 30.8% responded that they had entered 2-4 competitions in the last two years (followed by "0" at 29.1%), and in 2010 2-4 garnered 31.6% and "0" received 34.1% of the tally.

Members who have ever shipped entries to a competition has dropped from 48.1% in 2007 to 35.7% in 2010.

An interesting side note. While Almost 98% of respondents indicated that they lived in the U.S., we also received responses from Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.


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