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Hey everyone, I'm going to be starting to keg pretty soon and I was looking for a little advice and help.  Basically what I'm looking to get is a double tap kegerator:

And a dual tap system with the works:

I'm curious, am I missing anything needed to get started?  Am I going overboard?  About how long can I expect a 5lbs tank to last supporting two kegs?

Thanks for the help.

Here's a great resource.

You are definately NOT going oveboard.  I got a 2 keg system back in December, but since have bought 3 more kegs to go with it.  I'm only kicking myself now because I didn't get the 2 regulator setup so I have to stick with styles that have the same carbonation levels.

I'd say go as big as you can afford will be cheaper in the long run.

Get a bigger tank. You won't regret it and it shouldn't cost any more to fill than a 5#'er.

Congrats on going with kegs.

Thanks for the help everybody.  Happy Brewing.


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