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How does too much wood taste?

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How does too much wood taste?   

Please, for those of you that have tasted a beer that was over aged in oak, please describe that taste to me.

I aged a beer in a French oak barrel for 3 months, today I popped open a bottle and my teeth feel like the enamel wants to come off.  So not cool.  I don’t get it, I tasted this same beer 2 weeks after bottling and I thought wow one of the best beers I’ve ever tasted (it was so smooth and velvet like almost like cream), and today 4 weeks after bottling and the enamel wants to come off my teeth. There is a bitterness that is like no other bitterness I have ever tasted, and it is so subdued almost like the oak is contributing its own IBU's. 

Your opinion please?

I don't think "over oaking" leads to intense bitterness like you're describing.  Almost sounds like it could be some sort of infection.

I thought it might be an an infection, but I'm still wondering how an infection can drastically change the taste in two weeks time. Darn. Nothing I can do huh.

Ask yo momma...

sorry, too easy  ;D


--- Quote from: narvin on July 07, 2010, 02:11:56 PM ---Ask yo momma...

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haha, lol, already drinking are we.. Naw, but seriously, okay I might have an infection and I'm almost certain I know where it came from but I'm still wondering how too much wood taste?


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