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Is Maris Otter worth it?

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I just sunk 75 plus shipping into a big sack of Maris Otter.  I plan on keeping it for English bitters only and using domestic pale or pils for other stuff.  But here's my question...MO can run nearing twice as costly as domestic pale malts...I haven't done enough side by side experiments to really know, but is it really worth it?  Is there a significant difference between a bitter brewed with, say, 7 lbs of MO versus 7 lbs of Rahr two row?  I would anticipate that there would be, and I am a lover of good, subtle bitter, hence my actually buying it.  But we as homebrewers often do things out of superstition, too, so I could also see a possibility of the MO not having a big difference in beer flavor, even though I think it unlikely.

Any opinions on that? 

One word......YES

MO malt is a great malt for all beer styles except Pilsner type styles. I use this for english style ales and american pale ales. MO gives a nice malty background to compliment the hops. After finding out how nice MO works for American Ales I stop using dimestic pale malt completely.

It's Biscuity!  :D

I don't know where you are, but $75 plus shipping seems a little high.  North Country Malt has Thomas Fawcett MO for about $40 uncrushed 50# sack.  I thnk shipping brings it up to around $60-$65. 

My goto malt!!!


North Country Malt, eh.

Will bear them in mind next time! 


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