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Anyone ever drill out the Gas-In post of a Firestone Keg that had a plastic dip tube and replace it with a stainless steel dip tube?  How did you do it and did it seal okay afterwards?  Thanks!!!

I haven't but know others have. I think it worked well.

When I got my firestone kegs, I found a place in Ca that had parts. I got a few extra
in dip tubes, so I wouldn't have to worry about finding them later. I'm in the process
of trying to find a local source of posts, poppits and lids as the local Pepsi bottler
here are still using corny kegs. They are in the process of changing over to the
newer way of dispensing.
I just haven't had the luck of getting to the scrap dealer when they have a load of kegs
so I could get some cheap parts.

A guy in our club told me recently that you don't even need that gas diptube.  I haven't tried it without, but he generally knows what he's talking about.

How would that work? I think the gas diptube basically holds in the O-ring, so it only needs to be a couple mm long. Pin-lock gas diptubes are very short. So maybe he could cut his diptube to just fit the bigger top of the hole.

CHI company in Calif. is ordering more. Don't know how long that will take.


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