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GABF - limited pours
« on: October 14, 2016, 07:27:05 PM »
For those that attended the GABF I am curious to know your thoughts on the limited pours offered by some breweries. Several breweries were having limited pours at particular times each session. That is they would start serving at 7pm and serve a limited amount on a first come first serve until they ran out. They would do that each session. However, some breweries were only doing it on Saturday afternoon which I do not think is appropriate.

I think it great that breweries are bringing some of their more limited brews for people to sample. But it was pretty disappointing when I saw a particular beer was listed but then when I visited it was for Saturday only. The Saturday session is "supposed" to a members only session but we all know it is really a public session where the winners are announced.

Anyone else get skunked with a Saturday only pour??