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I'm a part time bourbon drinker, and have my personal favorites.  Curious what others have tried and liked.

I would tend to say my favorite is knobcreek, great bite, good aroma, clean.
I also love Baysil Hayden, very smooth, almost too smooth but incredibly drinkable. 
Also have to say that makers mark is the best bourbon for the money out there, easy drinker. 

I tend to place the other "high brow bourbons" in the same category - 1792, bookers, woodfordreserve, and the like.

I am not a fan of eagle rare, nor buffalo trace.  I do drink Jack and Jim and the like on occasion when someone else has it, but usually don't tend to buy them myself. 

Any other bourbon drinkers?  Any must tries that I may have overlooked?

You can't go wrong with Makers Mark.

Anyone try Red Stag yet? It's made my Jim Beam. A cherry infused bourbon. Add a little ice and you have a Manhattan.

I just bought a bottle of Booker's Single Barrel that is my new favorite.

I like Maker's Mark and Knob Creek.

I drank lots of Jim Beam in college (South Carolina).  Haven't really tried any new ones lately, but there is lots out there to try!

Jim is the daily drinker in my house. Otherwise, I like 1792, Woodford, and Knob Creek. The newest one I've had was called Bulleit (sp). Not bad stuff. Price range was around the same as Woodford. I've yet to try Basil Hayden's. I always see it, but just haven't made myself get any yet.


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