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Thermometer Disaster Avoided!

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Working on the Old Jubilation. Dropped my Fermentap thermometer on the concrete. . . the one I use for the mash tun. Figured I better check its calibaration.

10 degrees LOW!! :o

Anybody know if there's a way to recal the thing?

Is there a little screw on the back?
You can calibrate it with another calibrated thermometer, or put it in a glass of ice in the fridge and wait for the ice to melt - should be 32F. Or calibrate it to a regular fever thermometer at 97.6F.

Negative on the adjustment screw on the back. I looked for that immediately, but when none was found, I hoped there might be another trick.

Oh . .and I did the ice water thing . .that's how I found it to be 10 degrees low!  :)

Not even a tiny Allen screw?

I've seen some where you can rotate the dial by holding the stem (probe). Some even have a hex nut at the top of the probe that will help you hold it.


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