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Author Topic: Submit your questions for Zymurgy Live: Beer & Food Pairing for the Holidays  (Read 2756 times)

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With the holiday season quickly approaching - the AHA wants to help elevate your Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner... (or even your post-Halloween leftover candy binge) by teaching you about how to pair beer and food! Director Julia Herz will join me in the next Zymurgy Live for an interactive conversation on the state of craft beer, why understanding the beer marketplace is critical in pairing, and how you can pair your beer to fit into your holiday meals. Come prepared with a sour beer & a pickle, as well as some blue cheese & an American IPA for a pairing exercise.

We'd like to answer your questions about anything from the craft beer industry to beer tasting and pairing. So submit your questions here ahead of time, and we'll answer them in the live webinar!

Tune in next Thursday, November 10 at 7pm ET, 6pm CT!

Thanks, all!

Matt Bolling
AHA Events & Membership Coordinator
Matt Bolling

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Just how important is it to pair the "right" beer to what ever food you're eating?
To me having the "right" beer is less important than having a beer I enjoy drinking no matter what food I'm eating.
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Will this be recorded so I can watch it later?  I'd like to see it but am unavailable at the time it will be on.
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Will this be recorded so I can watch it later?  I'd like to see it but am unavailable at the time it will be on.

All the other ones have been so I assume this one will be also.
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