Author Topic: Lactobacillus Questions - Starter, Alcohol Tolerance and Cake Re-use  (Read 2675 times)

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I like lacto in beer. I brewed a Berliner Weisse last year.  I just pitched a Wyeast pure lacto culture about 24 hours before the yeast and enjoyed the result. I am getting ready to make another one.  But I have a few questions about the lactobacillus:

1.) What should I use as the food for the lacto in a starter? Juice or Malt? How long do I let it 'start'?
2.) Can I freeze some lactobacillus? Maybe with some glycerin?

I wan to make a starter to keep this stuff around, because I would like to use it more often.  Wyeast states that their lactobacillus has an alcohol tolerance of 9%. But some people on homebrew forums like to say 2-3% - anyone have any anecdotal evidence?  I know about the IBUs and lacto death dance.  I'd like to use the lacto & yeast cake from the BW to make another less-sour beer (no lacto head start).

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Re: Lactobacillus Questions - Starter, Alcohol Tolerance and Cake Re-use
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I've always just used malt for my lacto starters, however I've heard lots of people have good results with apple juice. And yes, lacto freezes quite well with some glycerin. You shouldn't have any problems repitching it - although successive repitches are usually MORE sour than the previous, not less. ;D
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