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Cherry experiment

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Hey BA'ers!  I'm doing an experimental procedure, and I thought I'd seek some critique.
A friend of mine has some great tasting cherries, I put about 2.5# in a Belgian wheat beer.  The smell coming from it is very appetizing.  Anyway, he brought me many more cherries today and I want to make a Cherry "pseudo wine".  I say Pseudo wine because I want to use some Belgian Ale yeast I have.  So here's what I'm going to do:
1) Mash cherries up with some blunt kitchen instrument (potato masher?)
2) Drain cherries utilizing sanitized strainer and/or nylon mesh bag.
3) Heat juice to "almost" boiling, so as to sanitize (I'm really not concerned if I get some beasties, I would appreciate a little sourness).
4)  Cool down in a cold water bath.
5)  Add to a 3 gallon carboy, add yeast.
6) ferment for about 3-4 weeks, and bottle (aging time will depend on my O.G.).

Any thoughts?

I wouldn't do the boil, ferment the whole pulp, strain at the end of primary.

Very good.  Will the lack of a boil give me too much microflora?

You said you wouldn't mind sour.  :P
You can hit it with K-metabisulfite.1/4tsp powder per 5 gallons.
If you're really scared, freezing could also be used to kill off the unwanted bacteria without changing the cherry juice.

Are you adding water/sugar to hit a specific gravity, or are you hoping to just ferment 100% juice?
Can you take a reading to see the sugar content of your juice before you start?

I'll throw out a dumb question:

If the skins of the cherries are intact, why not just soak the cherries in StarSan solution (1 oz in 5 gallons distilled H2O) for two minutes and strain out the cherries with a collander.  It should kill the bugs.

I just don't know if the phosporic acids can penetrate the skins.  If nobody has ever tried it, you could do a quick experiment with a handful of cherries first.


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