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2 stage yeast starter
« Reply #30 on: January 23, 2017, 03:57:33 AM »
I don't have a DO meter. I assume the greatest oxidation issue is building the starter. Based on your experience...

Say I smack the pack and it has begun to expand. I open my canned starter wort, pour to my flask, immediately pitch and oxygenate. It sits with a foil lid for 8 hrs. I pitch the starter to my beer and oxygenate. In your experience would that create detectable oxidation in the final product?

The oxidation issue is to your main batch. In a perfect world we would not oxygenate our beer ever. There are ways to do that but not really for us little guys. But, we do. So the minute we oxygenate the main beer is really a race against the clock. Every minute that wort sits there it is oxidizing. Pitching healthy active yeast are going to lower that oxygenated wort DO as fast as possible.

That's all I am getting at. The faster you can get that yeast in there to gobble that o2 the better. For instance if I don't have activity in 12ish hours I scrap the batch as the beer has lost too much flavor.  However you get there is fine... stir plate, sns, etc.

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Re: 2 stage yeast starter
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Ok, then sounds like what I'm doing is fine. Which lines up with what I'm tasting