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Homemade hard lemonade

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First of all, let me begin this post by stressing how much it pains me to post this.  :-[  I find this crap absolutely awful, but SWMBO loves the stuff, and who couldn't stand to score a few extra points, right?

So, does anybody have a way to makeup something like Mike's at home?

Geez, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little....  :P


Try this one.

Lemonade Hooch
2 lb Golden LME
2 lb Orange Blossom Honey
2 lb Corn Sugar
2 lb Frozen Raspberries
1 gallon water to 175 degrees
Add ingredients - recommend corn sugar first
cook at 160 for 20 minutes -
Note: Its hard to hold the temp at 160 so get it a little over and turn off heat and cover with lid.
Chill to 75 degrees
Add 5 cans frozen lemonade
Add 2 - 64 oz organic white grape juice
Note: I add a block of ice, frozen lemonade and chilled WG juice and it cools it down a bunch!
and top off to 5 gallons.
3/4 tsp Pectic Enzyme
5 tsp Yeast Nutrient
1 1/2 tsp Yeast Energizer
Stir well to aerate.
Add 2 champagne yeast (WLP715 or Red Star Champagne dry yeast)
Note: Red Star champagne yeast is way cheaper than WLP715!
Fermentation: Primary 7-10 days
Secondary: 14-21 days
Add: 24 hours prior to kegging/mixing
2 1/2 tsp Potassium Sorbate into secondary to kill remaining yeast.
Rack to Bottling bucket to mix remaining ingredients.
3 cans frozen lemonade
4-6 cups table sugar dissolved in hot water. (I add the frozen lemonade to cool down the hot water so I can add
the mixture anytime to the bottling bucket)
Keg and you will have leftovers to enjoy right after kegging.
Be Warned!!! This is over 40 proof!
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Do you keg? If so, why not make up 5 gallons of ovely sweet lemonade and add a bottle or two of vodka? Carb it up and serve. I've actually been thinking of doing something like this for Hard Iced Tea, you know, for the ladies...   ;D

I usually do this whenever someone compels me to:

2 liters fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Mix lemon juice and water and add enough sugar to reach 1.055

Ferment with Cotes d'Blanc wine yeast.

Rack to keg, add sorbistat and sweeten with sugar syrup (or corn syrup)

Carbonate to 900 volumes.

Unfortunately, I do not keg.  How do I go about if I bottle condition?


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