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I don't see it on the website. Boulevard's Tank #7 Farmhouse Ale is: Grape-fruity. Peppery. Fruitfully sweet and hoppy. Golden pale with a long-lasting head. Dry finish. Saison? Much hoppier however me like.

I've sort of sworn off Belgian styles but this is one of the best Amer-Belgian brews consumed lately by myself. It's paired well with the sliced sausage and 100% rye bread. Kinda rustic. Despite this it's a heady intoxicant @ 8% ABV.

So share with a loved one over a simple meal.

I liked that beer when I tried it, but I hadn't bought it in a while. Picked up a 4-pack the other day. I was really blown away by the foam stability, and rocky head, and the crazy amount of lacing on the glass.

I tried it on tap in St Louis and really loved it.  In fact, it sort of inspired me to try using the American Farmhouse yeast blend in a few beers.  Not saying that's what they used but it seems similar.  But, I can't get it here so I can't say if I'm getting anything close to a clone. 
Very nice saison-esque beer. 

I thought it was like a vamped up version of their old "saison" from the smokestack series (which I loved, BTW).  Tank 7 is a bit more powered up, but is also very good. 

A friend of mine was working the Great British Beer Fest this year and Boulevard was on the American Bar which had me longing for something homegrown. They had #7 in 330ml bottles and I asked if he would grab some and bring it up to our neck of the woods.  It is easily my favorite American beer.  When I was back at my parents house this past October, it is hands down, my favorite beer. It just does everything right.


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