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+1.  A damn drinkable, interesting beer.

If Strange actually brewed a good beer I will have to go and try it. To bad they will probably serve it in shaker pint glasses  >:(

It's a touch sweet but overall an excellent saison. It's a beer I see overlooked at a lot of places.


--- Quote from: erockrph on April 27, 2013, 06:59:56 PM ---...And so easy to drink for such a big beer...

--- End quote ---

Too true.

I enjoy it on tap at my local (if they haven't run out), often thankful for the short walk home.

Saison Brett is also great - I love a touch of brett in my simple saisons!

this was in the last stack of samples from my distributor contact.  decided to move it up in the rotation and h ad it by the fire pit last night. i am not normally a fan of the belgian-ish type beers but this was good.  i was impressed at how extensive and creamy the foam is.  i thought it had a little sticky finish but okay.  not as sour to me as i expected (and happy about).  i certainly would not shy away from getting this one in a restaurant some time.


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