Author Topic: 3bbl Haishun Jacketed Conical Beer Fermenter, New in Crate  (Read 1246 times)

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3bbl Haishun Jacketed Conical Beer Fermenter, New in Crate
« on: April 10, 2017, 05:40:16 PM »
Email me for photos:

Listed on Craigslist

This is a private sale for a brewers conical fermenting tank/vessel. It's a 3bbl unit. This unit is 6'3" tall and 34" in diameter. It weighs approximately 650 lbs. New in crate. Crate was disassembled and bubble wrap was removed to facilitate photos. This is for the serious home microbrewer. Please feel free to call and discuss. (602) 315-1607

Haishun 3bbl Fermenter

Massive 2" bottom dump valve. While a 1.5" dump should be considered the minimum size to be effective, it's often clogged by more flocculent yeast or trub sediment high in hop or protein material. Even though 2" valves and fittings are more expensive, we felt this was the best overall size to reduce any chance of clogging the dump, especially when you're trying to recover the yeast after racking off the weight of the beer.
Dual zone, dimple-style cooling jackets. One on the cone and one on the body.
1.5" Rotating Racking Arm
Includes 15 PSI Pressure Release Valve that also functions as a 1.5 PSI vacuum breaker.
Includes Sample valve on a dedicated sample valve port.
Rotating CIP spray ball included and attached to the 1.5" blow-off tube. Blow Off tube functions as CIP inlet after fermentation.
Two 1.5" ports on the body, one for the sample valve and the other can be used for temperature.
Two 1.5" ports in the top, one for the included PRV and the other can be used for a gas in port.
Threaded leveling feet.
Built-in lifting eyes welded to the dome.
Standard Items Included with our 3 BBL Stainless Steel Conical Fermentor:

2" Tri Clover Compatible Butterfly valve for the bottom dump, including a 2" sanitary 90 degree elbow.
1.5" Tri Clover Compatible Butterfly valve for the rotating racking arm.
1.5" Tri Clover Compatible Butterfly valve for the blow off tube.
1.5" 15 PSI Pressure Release Valve/1.5 PSI Vacuum Breaker (TC15PRV15-1.5)
Dedicated Sample Valve on its own port in the fermentor body.
All of the required clamps and gaskets to be able to use your fermentor when you get it.

Overall height not including the blow-off/CIP assembly: 6 feet
Cylinder Diameter: 36" at outer jacket
Distance from center of dump valve to Floor: 7"
1/2" FNPT coolant inlets and outlets
Dual Zone Cooling! The cone and cylinder cooling jackets are isolated from each other for more precise cooling control.
Heavy Duty .118" (3mm) thick inner wall.
Outer wall is 2 mm thick.
Fermenter vs. Fermentor; what's the difference?

For years now, we have seen both terms used interchangeably on web sites and forums. In order to be technically accurate, we did a little research to find out the difference between a fermentor and a fermenter. It turns out that a fermenter is an organism that causes or performs fermentation. A fermentor is the container or apparatus in which fermentation occurs. So your new fermenter is actually a fermentor and yeast is the fermenter!

Asking: $2,950.00, open to reasonable offers.  Retails between $4,500 and $6,000.00