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So, what is the story with race-track lids? Some internet searching indicates that they are rare, and can be a pain to work with.

I managed to acquire a few recently, and I am trying to decide if they are worth continuing to use.

So, some questions:

1) Why do people consider them to be a pain? They seem simple enough to me.

2) I imagine they use the same post o-rings as standard lid kegs, but what about the lid? Wishful thinking has me thinking that the circumference of the race-track lids is the same as the round lids, and therefore the lid o-ring will be the same. Anyone know anything about this? (I don't have any round-lid kegs to personally try this out.)


I have both race track and round keg lids and interchange the o rings freely.

OK, help me out. Looked at pictures online of oval and racetrack - I unfortunately see no difference...

Racetrack lids have straight sides and round ends. Oval lids are, well oval.  ;)

This is a racetrack lid.

...and this is an oval lid.


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