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WL300 and HefeWeizen brew - best temp for banana/clove

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I'm a newbie who just brewed an all grain HefeWeizen with WL300 yeast. I wanted a LOT of banana and clove and was told to ferment very cool... like at 62-64*F to get the most banana and clove. I also thought I read that somewhere.

BUT, I just saw a post on another forum where someone was told NOT to ferment cool if desiring banana and clove.

I'm confused.... ??? What is the best temp to get the most banana and clove ... cool or warm??

Thanks for any help....

300 will give you a lot of banana either way. Higher temps give you unwanteds in your beer too though.
Ferment at the proper temp and I think it's more important the strain of yeast you choose to get the flavors you want from the yeast. Hefe IV will give you the cloves/spiciness.


So, the best advice is to try it yourself and see what you like.

However, my advice is that as long as you pitch enough health yeast, fermenting cool produces a well balanced ester/phenol profile of banana and clove.  WLP380 at 62 degrees is my preference.  But you should definitely try and find out for yourself.

Thanks guys....

I keg'd the Hefeweizen and it tasted fine but not being carbed yet I couldn't tell for sure.

I appreciate the feedback ... and will look into WLP380 as well.

Thanks again..

From what I understand, the 300 is the same yeast strain as the Wyeast 3068, which I have used a few times.  With the 3068, I kept fermentation around 72 degrees, trying to get more nanner, but it ended up tasting like sulfur more than anything.  62 is supposedly the best temp according to JZ, which is where my next brew will ferment.


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