Author Topic: Bleach solution to kill yeast?  (Read 3801 times)

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Re: Bleach solution to kill yeast?
« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2017, 06:59:45 PM »
If Iodophor is breaking your bank, this may be the wrong hobby for you.  Also, why don't you just use StarSan/Iodophor and a bottle injector?  I just make up about a liter of StarSan and just use the injector on clean bottles.  I figured out how much StarSan concentrate I need for 1 L of water and use an oral syringe to measure it out (it's around 1.6 mL if I remember correctly).

Unless you're using pre-boiled water to rinse, you're undoing your bleach sanitization when rinsing.  And at that point, what is your time and effort worth?

Starsan is not as effective against yeast as bleach or iodophor.

So use Iodophor.  You still can figure out how to make smaller quantities.  My point still stands about rinsing after using bleach.