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A astronomer's view of Dec 21 2012 'event'

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I know that the apocalyptic scenario movie "2012" starts this weekend there in the US.  I thought that you might be interested to see an article from Sky and Telescope magazine giving an astronomical and factual perspective.  Enjoy!


Oh how I love a good woo-woo conspiracy theory.

Of course, several folks of Mayan ancestry have been loudly proclaiming in the run up to the 2012 movie that "Jeez.. all this 2012 stuff was made up by you guys!"

I'm gonna start a 2012 survival store on the web. I missed out on the Y2K gold rush.
It was a pretty good read; aside from totally taking all the fun out of impending world apocolypse.



--- Quote from: beerocd on November 13, 2009, 05:49:39 PM ---...aside from totally taking all the fun out of impending world apocolypse.


--- End quote ---

Yeah, I can be a real kill-joy that way.

We should all start making brew shelters and stock up on homebrew. Something tells me it'll be hard to get malt after the apocalypse.
On the other hand, before that, the apocalypse was in 2008 and in 2000 before that so... Just because Mayans' Calendar is ending, does not necessarily mean the world is ending.
And I don't think world apocalypse is a very good one for the end of the world. It is derived from greek Apokalipsis which means "Revelation."


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