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Okay guys-I have already received invaluable information from you.  I once again need your input.  I have made a starter-Brix was about 16 or 1.064.  I will be brewing a double IPA of about 1.083 OG.  Now I am reading that starters should only be about 1.030 to 1.040.  Should I toss this and simply buy two smack packs tomorrow?

Additional info:  put pure O2 in for about 5 to 10 seconds, hand shook and placed on a starter plate.  By they way, I took everyone's advice and simply place aluminum foil on top of the flask.  I am using Wyeast 1056.

This newbie truly appreciates the information provided by all of you.

That is high for a starter but you don't need to toss it. Just give your starter enouph time to do its thing.

Should I let is sit on the stir plate till Sunday then?  I made it at about 5:15 pacific time on Friday.  Thanks

In general, you'll get better yeast growth from a starter in the 1.020-1.035 range.  The easiest way to achive that is to use .75 oz. DME (by weight) for each cup of water in the starter.  You're not in serious trouble this time, but try to get that gravity down next time.

I remember reading somewhere on the interwebs that you get the most yeast growth at 1.028. 

Has to do with the yeast wanting to make more yeast, rather than switching over to making beer.

I am not a microbiologist, so no fancy terms here like Pasteur and Crabtree, as I would get them wrong or switched around.


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