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I just tasted my first Denny Rye IPA and I love the wonderful spiciness of the rye malt combined with the Columbus hops. I was just wondering if anybody has used rye malt in other beer styles besides IPA?   ;D

I like to use rye in my Brown ales. Adds a little spicyness which I think compliments the dark malts.

I've never had Denny's recipe unless Michelob's Rye IPA is the same... It's awesome and quite difficult to find.

Wow, Euge, I guess you'er about the last one!  ;)

Besides browns, rye is great in APA and porter.  You can also use it in something with a Belgian yeast, too.  Just think of a recipe where you want a bit of spiciness and a full mouthfeel, and you can add some rye in.

I have never really tasted or had that "spiciness" from rye in a beer.  Eating it as I am milling it I do get some spiciness (especially if the malt is fresh). However,  i have always had that great "mouthfeel" that rye gives in the finished beer.  I will add rye to different beers to help build a mouthfeel even when you want the beer to finish dry.  I think that is why it really works well in an IPA.

How about a roggenbier  ;D


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