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« on: June 06, 2017, 11:54:55 AM »
Not a question but I thought this would be the place to post my comment.

I noticed 2 new forums yesterday when coming here. Forums in Spanish. Well, I think it's Spanish as I can only speak English.  :)

Well done! I like the idea of expanding the community to be inclusive of more than just English speaking enthusiasts. With competition entries from last year's NHC---er, HomebrewCon---from places other than the US and the recent addition of a Board member form Canada, the AHA might want to consider renaming ourselves the IHA. OK, only half joking.

With some of the discord that has happened on the discussion boards the past year or so, I wanted to give a shout-out for something well done.

Just my passing thought.
Ralph R.

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Re: Kudos
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Thanks Ralph,

Homebrewing is rapidly growing in popularity throughout Latin America and in Spain, however, there is not much homebrew content available to Spanish speakers.  The new Spanish language boards (one is for homebrewers and one is for professional brewers) are one means of providing resources for Spanish speakers.

The AHA also started translating each issue of Zymurgy into Spanish and making that content available to AHA members in the Magazines section of  So far we've translated the January/February and March/April 2017 issues.  The May/June issue is in the process of being translated.  You can find the translations here:
Gary Glass
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Re: Kudos
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I agree. Kudos to AHA.
Jon H.