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Author Topic: Homebrew system/equipment for sale. Stainless. 20 gallon batches  (Read 1401 times)

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Selling my all grain 3 vessel system capable of doing up to 20 gallon batches.
Propane Including 2 burners & 2 propane tanks.

$1000 or best offer

HTL tank is 27 gallons with and included a sight gauge
Mash Tun is 20 gallon Blichmann G2 boilermaker with false bottom (I paid over $600 and is the best mash tun on the market)
Boil Kettle is 30 gallon

I custom built my system to be set up, and taken down and stored each use, so instead of building one big stand I custom welded two stands - one for the HTL & one for the mash tun, and use a stand-alone burner for the boil kettle.

The HTL stands tall on height-adjustable legs for uneven ground, and uses gravity to transfer water to the mash tun. A pump, or buckets can be used to transfer wort from mash to boil. I mount a counterflow chiller and pump to the mash tun stand for chilling and transferring wort.

- I will include a 40' coil of copper tube with the sale which you can use to make a HERMS coil if you like.
- I will also include my recirculating dip-tube for use when chilling

I have made numerous great bears in this set up with efficiencies around 80+%.

Funny enough I've found that I enjoy building the brewery more than I do brewing. I am selling because during a recent house construction project installed 220 in my garage, and want to try building a bigger electric brewery. My current system works great, and I'd hate to throw away the stands and other custom work. I'd love someone else to enjoy brewing on this system, and I will enjoy building another one.

Thanks, and happy brewing.

link to a video describing the system:


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Re: Homebrew system/equipment for sale. Stainless. 20 gallon batches
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2017, 02:02:56 pm »
Where is it located? Would be very interested!