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Hi Everyone,

So I have had a problem on a couple of batches recently with gushing bottles and am looking for help in eliminating this problem go forward. The beer in both instances tastes good so I am unsure as to whether it is an infection or uneven carbonation (although all of the bottles have had the issue). My sanitation has not changed and I typically use bleach to sanitize my carbuoys,funnel, tubing etc and use Star San for the bottles, I also scrub everything super clean after use and before sanitizing.
 The thing that concerns me with my brewing is that I do not use a full boil (I still use the kitchen stove: :( ) and typically only boil 1.5 - 2 gallons and then add this to cold tap water to make up the volume. If this is an infection could it be coming form the tap water? If so will using bottled water help and again if so are there certain brands etc that are better for brewing than others?

Again this has only happened on a couple of batches and have not had an issue with the vast majority of my brews.

Any help would be appreciated.


Here are a few things to check.

- Bottling too soon. Make sure the beer is completely fermented. Same Hydro reading 3 consecutive days.
- Infection - Better cleaning & disinfecting procedures.
- Inconsistent mixing of priming sugar. Make sure it's mixed well. Some even stir gently from the bottom to the top to make sure is mixed evenly.
- Too much bottling sugar.

How are you carbonating your beer?  Could be something as simple as too much priming.  Or maybe incomplete fermentation.  Details of your priming methods would help in figuring out possible issues (fermentation methods too for that matter)

One of the beers in question started at 1.065 and ended and 1.022. Primary was 2 weeks (gravity reading was steady for 3 days and secondary was 5 weeks.  I then primed using 1 cup of muntons light DME. The fermentation was carried out in my basement which is around 64F. I have been using a carbuoy as a bottling bucket but have just ordered a bucket to make it easier to mix. I am also considering switching to corn sugar for the priming (maybe it will give more consistent results).
So it could still be an infection even though the beer still tastes good?

Without tasting it hard to tell. You should weigh priming sugars not measure.

There's tricks to vent the bottles without opening them. Kinda a pain in the butt but it does work.


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