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Denny's beer name generator reminded me of this little gem. I would love to memorize one
of these and spring it on an unsuspecting brewer.

Beer Review Generator

"Pours a clear strawberry blonde with a nine-inch head. Stunning lacing.
Excellent earthy nose, maybe a little mango and coffee. Absolutely
disgusting biscuity flavor, with marzipan and hops. Elegant mouthfeel
and slightly dry finish. Score: 4.98/5."


"Pours a vivid pitch black with a cumulonimbus head. Amazing lacing. Delicate biscuity aroma, maybe a little cilantro and baking soda. Excellent tart taste, with just a hint of caramel and pine. Heavy mouthfeel and saccharine finish. Score: 4.06/5."

Cilantro and baking soda????  Sounds like on of Drew's beers!  ;)


--- Quote from: denny on November 14, 2009, 04:46:25 PM ---Cilantro and baking soda????  Sounds like on of Drew's beers!  ;)

--- End quote ---

Well you know, the soda's there to help accentuate the soapiness of the cilantro. Sheesh, doesn't everyone know that?

 :D :D :D :D

Pours a hazy chestnut with a thick, rocky head. Sexy lacing. Intense sour scent, with notes of bourbon and lilac. Overweening boozy taste, with overtones of sherry and rosewater. Dense, dense mouthfeel and bitter, bitter finish. Score: 3.37/5.

Pours a turbulent black with a thick, rocky head. Amazing lacing. Nightmarish fruity aroma, with notes of molasses and biscuit malt. Beautiful biscuity taste, accompanied by strawberry and bacon. Gritty mouthfeel and bitter finish. Score: 3.89/5.



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