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On a recent trip to the Finger Lakes, I sampled a Maple Porter at Wagner Brewing ( that was delicious. When I asked how much maple syrup would be used in a 5 gallon batch of such a beer, he said it was a trade secret. Does anyone have a recipe (preferably all-grain) or at least some sort of rough estimate (i.e. is it closer to a pint or a gallon?), and when to add it (pre- or post-boil, at bottling, ...)

FWIW, when I use to live in the NE I would made a few Maple Porters (5 batches in two years).  I would take my basic Porter recipe (Robust Porter) and add either syrup or use maple sap as my brewing liquor.  IMHO using maple sap as the brewing liquor is my preference to get a nice maple flavor.

For syrup I used 1/4 gallon (64 fl oz) for a 5 gallon batch.  I experimented with adding it at the beginning and end of boil.  I would have to dig up my notes but if my memory serves me adding it at beginning of boil was my preference since it subdued the sweet aroma and gave a good maple flavor which I though played nicely with the malt.

One note that I distinctly remember is you have to babysit the kettle and stir often as the maple syrup will scorch.

I think i used one cup in a 2G batch at the beginning of the boil and it was VERY subdued, faintly noticeable. That was for a light ale, I would think a porter would cover it up some.

Have used maple syrup multiple times, and my preference was to add it 2 min before flameout. Regardless. I gave up because it is too expensive for a small amount of maple flavor and aroma. I would be interested in trying the maple sap as brewing water method, but, alas, I live in California.

I tried to get maple flavor by using some fenugreek seed in a witbier. Worst idea ever.


--- Quote from: skyler on August 07, 2010, 12:54:06 AM ---I tried to get maple flavor by using some fenugreek seed in a witbier. Worst idea ever.

--- End quote ---

Can you elaborate on that?  I've heard it works well, but haven't tried it. How did you do it?


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