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Is old malt extract safe?

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I found a beer making kit which I bought in 2003, but had forgotten about.  It contains the ingredients to make a gallon of beer. The malt extract is a 1.4lb can of Alexander's Kicker Pale Malt Extract and a 5g packet of Danstar Nottingham Brewing Yeast.

My question is whether it is safe to use these ingredients to make the batch of beer?  It seems like a waste to throw it out. ???

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts an answer.

Only if you boil and ferment it first.  ;) (and if the can isn't bulging right now)

Thanks.  I boiled it, and I am waiting for it to cool before I pitch the yeast.  I don't have high expectations, but I am curious to see the result.

The Professor:
If the can isn't bulging you may as well give it a try.  The resulting beer may (or may not) have an off taste or odd 'tang'  due to the age of the product, and the degree of that off taste will depend on how the can was stored.

Give it a try and report back.

Here is an update.

Fermentation has subsided.  At its peak, bubbles were rising through the airlock about once every two seconds.  Now, the frequency is one every 30 seconds.  The appearance is dark brown and opaque.  That is surprising because it is supposed to be a pale ale.  Well considering the age of the malt extract, that is not really surprising.  I will wait a few more days and then bottle it as per the instructions.  After bottling, I will wait a week to let it finish fermenting.  I will give an update at that point.

Thanks to each of you have provided insight.  As a new homebrewer, I really appreciate the support.


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