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I know, I know a non-alocholic cider question on a homebrewers forum...  ;D

We are expecting our first child in December and my wife/co-brewer is feeling a little left out of our favorite hobby.

Do anyone have any ideas on making a non-alcholic sparkling fruit cider?  Is it as easy as mixing 5gallons of apple cider, adding some fruit and force carbonating?

Sounds about right.

You might try thinning the juice with some h20 to give it a lighter body and to tone down the sweetness. It could need as much as 50% dilution.

How about just on the fly mixing a good juice/cider with sparkling mineral water? Naturally carbing it like root beer probably won't hurt the wife or kid if it's just the thrill of homebrewing that she's after. You'll get one or two percent, natural bubbles, whatever nutritional value there is out of the yeast. OZTops are good for this type of "brewing". 2liter bottle, pinch of yeast, and you can control the carbonation and alcohol levels by popping it in the fridge.

A bottle of Martinellis sounds appropriate to me!

Speaking of, one of my better experiments from back in the day:

1 bottle of Martinellis
1 bottle Laird's Bonded Apple Brandy, 100pr (you could sub calvados if desired, but not Laird's Applejack, which is half vodka)

Mix the two 50/50 into two 750ml bottles, cap, and store.  You now have a very delightful pseudo Pommeau liqueur.  I did one of these years ago, its about time to do it again.  The complexity of the apple brandy paired with the fresh apple flavor and sweetness is quite pleasant.  I suppose I could be cheap and try bourbon and Martinellis, but I don't think its quite as nice a blend as a good apple brandy.


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