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FS: Siebel Sensory Training Kit for Brewclubs (Discounted)



Acetaldehyde – Acetic - Almond - Butyric – Diacetyl - D.M.S. - Earthy – Mercaptan - Ethyl acetate - Ethyl hexanoate – Spicy - Metallic - Geraniol – Indole - Isoamyl acetate - Grainy – Isovaleric - Lactic - Caprylic – Papery - Vanilla - Bitter – Infection - Hefeweizen

Vials get added to a liter of BMC and supply enough for at least 20 tasters. The WHALES club bought two kits figuring on 40 or so tasters but we were able to get about 35 pours off one kit. We now have an extra kit.

The original price from Siebel is $180 plus overnight shipping ($65 for two kits). We'll sell this one for $140 plus whatever shipping costs. I'd recommend Northeast shipping as we can get away with priority USPS and you'll have it in a day.



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