Author Topic: Beer Documentary from Korea Looking for Home Brewers to film  (Read 920 times)

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Beer Documentary from Korea Looking for Home Brewers to film
« on: September 07, 2017, 02:08:18 pm »
Hello, my name is Kevin Shin Sul, production coordinator working with video productions and television stations from South Korea.

The 9COLORS Broadcasting System ( from South Korea is producing a 3-part documentary series on Beer.  The program titled "Great Beer Around the World" (tentative title) will hope to introduce the history, culture and tastes of world famous beers and highlights the uprising trends of craft beers in UHD 4K quality.  We would love to include and introduce the American beer, both taste and culture.

I believe it is a good chance to show the beauties of American beers and to expand the mutual interchange in various ways between Korea and USA.

We are filming the American Homebrewers Association at GABF 2017 and interviewing Gary and Charlie regarding the documentary and we are looking for Home Brewers who are willing to participate!

We are looking for Homebrewers in Colorado who is willing to invite us to their home ("home"brewing) and show us how they brew, and do a tasting with their friends.  We are hoping to do this either October 4th or 9th.

Please reply if anyone is interested!