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Fly vs Batch sparging - lesson learned

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A while back I argued on this board that fly sparging was far superior to batch sparging.  Well, with my new Top Tier, I tried batch sparging.

I was wrong.

Batch sparging works great, it was much easier to hit my OG, and I had plenty of good wort to make a ten gallon batch, really ten gallons.  Plus, I filled three mason jars for starters....

(I'll listen better next time, Denny, LOL)

welcome to the Dark side...

It's the pragmatic way.  ;D

...eventhough I'm builbing my RIMS system, I will always have the batch sparge method to fall back on when needed.

As a former long time fly sparger all I can say is that, unless you have a fully automated system you are simply wasting your time by fly sparging.


--- Quote from: blatz on July 30, 2010, 02:19:36 PM ---welcome to the Dark side...

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I'll second that!!


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