Author Topic: How much stirring is too much for priming sugar when bottle carbonating?  (Read 2925 times)

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Re: How much stirring is too much for priming sugar when bottle carbonating?
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Making a priming solution has always struck me as a laborious way of bottling as you have to rack the whole volume, santize and extra bucket, and boil & chill the sugar solution. You also disturb the beer and introduce oxygen when racking.

I find it much quick to add dry sugar directly to the bottles with a dry funnel and a measuring spoon. No need to dissolve the sugars as it will dissolve of its own accord after a few hours in the bottle.

To each their own.  Personally, I find that method much more tedious.  And BTW, you don't have to cool the priming solution.  Just put it in your bottling bucket hot and the beer will cool it the instant it touches it.

It takes me about 3 seconds per bottle to prime...50 bottles in 3 minutes or so. A funnel and measuring spoon are quick to clean up afterwards - rinse under the tap for a second. An FV needs washing and sanitising.

I used to use a bottle washer and bottle tree to sanitise and drain bottles. Now just use a dishwasher on hot cycle with no chemicals.

I also used to use a "little bottler" bottling wand. I've stopped using that too as a plain siphon tube with plastic tap is quicker. However, you do need some way of fixing the inlet pipe in place, whatever method is used for siphoning.
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