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Could we have moon beer?


I want to be first in line to get enough water from the moon to brew with.

With NASA's recent discovery of water on the moon, can Moon Beer be far behind?

I'm after brewing with melted Iceberg water, and that makes for interesting conversation, so now
the big challenge would be to get moon water. Hmmmm.... I wonder how much that would cost?

I doubt they'll bring water here from the moon, and brewing on the moon station would probably not be allowed :(
Now on Mars... I have no doubt they'll make Mars habitable in time, and when human colonies start popping out and agriculture will begin developing, so will malt and hops, because no one would export CaraPils from Earth.
Only problem with that is that by the most optimistic calculations, it will happen at least 1000-1500 years from now so we won't get to see it :(

Siamese Moose:
I don't know if they'll brew in space, but the rules haven't prevented people taking alcohol with them into space. In my former career I designed air quality monitoring equipment, and I had a few conversations with some people involved in designing equipment used on the shuttle. They were primarily concerned about the possible presence of toxic compounds, primarily as outgassing from components. What they found was traces of ethanol, on every flight. For obvious PR reasons, NASA never publicized the data, but a quiet investigation turned up evidence that there was some booze smuggled on most flights, going back to Gemini. No word on whether they found any trace hop aromatics.


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