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Author Topic: Best way to find Brewmaster for startup brewpub  (Read 7872 times)

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Best way to find Brewmaster for startup brewpub
« Reply #15 on: January 30, 2018, 10:40:06 am »
Restaurant business is the whole different thing. So I wonder how other people are doing it. I do not want to get to the restaurant business but I still want to have food in here. And food truck are not cutting it.
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Re: Best way to find Brewmaster for startup brewpub
« Reply #16 on: March 03, 2018, 04:58:44 pm »
I hope I don't seem argumentive, I appreciate everyone that replies. It has given me more to think about and research. The location I am looking at is in a town that has a population of 78,000 within a five mile radius with a median income of $74,000. The street it's on has a daily traffic of 18,000 cars. Was really wanting to start on the small size so I could learn about the brewing process. But sounds like a 3bbl plan won't get it done. I really didn't want to sell off premises, but if I go any bigger there is no way to sell that much beer without doing so.

This sounds like a similar demographic to where I am. We have 3 breweries here that use 3bnl systems. One has garbage beer, off flavors etc. the whole town thinks the beer sucks. But the also have a liquor license, coffee shop and restaurant. Prime local, their guest taps are better.

Another spot here makes 100 different beers a year. And is always brewing randomly. They started as home brewers but are trying to expand after 2 years already. They added a food truck after bring in business a while. It’s like a separate entity but to brewery staff touches food.

The third spot uses food trucks and the owner also has a job where he doesn’t need the brewery to pay his bills. He has food trucks on a regular basis. He also is not looking to get huge and enjoys his craft more than anything.

If I were to do this I’ve been thinking of a 5bbl system with 10 and 20bbl fermentation tanks. I don’t really want yo sell food, just beer. But would also suggest that your weekly net sales is going to start around 5-10k a week. 10k being very generous.

More than anything I would hire a brewer to get consistency.
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