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Re: Darkening Malt
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I am trying to find out what malt others use to darken beer but without any flavor added. I have heard using carafa special II, but I tried in vorlaug but had it grind to a powder and I get the roasty bitter flavor. I want something that has NO roast. Any ideas.


Midnight Wheat, being huskless, has the least roast of any black malt. It's very, very mild. Past that, Sinamar from morebeer or others is used by some breweries to adjust color and is basically flavorless. I've used both with good results.

That's what I was going to recommend too.  I use Carafa II in my Munich Dunkel and I really don't feel it contributes any roastiness to speak of.  I add it to my main mash, not just capping the mash at Vorlauf.