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New (mostly Commercial) Beer Review
« on: November 11, 2017, 10:11:46 PM »
Hey AHA friends,

Long time AHA and BA member here, just now realizing I should post about me little podcast.

Like Fun!

Like Fun is a Madison-Wisconsin Centric, bi-monthly beer-comedy podcast. What does that mean?
We do a beer review every other week, it's usually a Madison (Dane Co.) beer, sometimes its a Wisconsin area beer, failing that, its a Midwestern beer. We also talk about homebrewing, music, beer politics, and pop culture.

We are supported by several Midwestern bluegrass bands, and some LHBShops and Local Breweries. These associations are loose and unpaid to prevent bias in our reviews as we strive to provide a fun and informative podcast experience.

We are just getting into the Homebrew publishing sector, so now is a good time for BA/AHA folks to start listening. If we can learn a tad more about web-publishing, hopefully we can provide information on both homebrew and commercial brew in the southern WI area.

Check us out as or subsrcibe and review us on itunes here

Best regards, best brews,
Josh and Greg
Like Fun!