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Wiring a Love Temp Switch

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I got my TS2 and am going to wire it up soon.

Is it best to break hot or neutral thru the switch?

lonnie mac:
Hot side my friend... Think of it as nothing more than a fancy light switch.


One more question...  Does it matter which way you wire the thermister?  I assume the switch is just measuring the resistence.  There is a blue and a brown wire.  I can't remember if those things are one way or not.

lonnie mac:
You are correct my friend... It will not matter. What switch do you have exactly? And I hope you are not going off my old Brutus prints! (I am sure you are not) I had the early 2008 model. They changed it VERY shortly after the article came out and the later models are wired differently. I have other newer diagrams if you need that other nice folks have done on other forums...

Nope.  Just trying to go by the instructions and my memory from electronics lab 10 years ago.

I got the TS2.  I tried for the TS3 but it's back ordered until mid-January and I didn't want to wait that long.

A diagram would be good.  I just noticed it doesn't specify the order for neutral/hot on the power supply. I'm assuming it wouldn't matter...?


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