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Four String Hilltop Heritage Lager
« on: December 19, 2017, 02:48:19 AM »
The can got me curious.  Tallboy, white with red and black graphics featuring an eagle at the top --  very allusive.  Craft is trying to take Bud back?  This is the first beer I've had from Four String (Columbus OH), but I've been told  it's the best thing yet from them.  Well.  It's a straight-up American Lager. No surprise.  A little corn if anything but carbon dioxide in the nose, poor foam, slight beery flavor, maybe a bit more mouthfeel than some macros, but also with a slightly astringent finish.   To it's credit, perfect clarity (how can so many craft brewers make LAGERS that are turbid?  How does that work?)  Apart from the astringency,  there is a bit of hop and grain lingering there.  $7.99 a sixer here in OH.  Just buy the model. (As far as craft making standard American Lager,  Maumee Bay in Toledo revived Buckeye a while back --  anybody know if it's still out there?)  So I have 5 cans left; I guess I'll need some braising liquid for pork & sauerkraut in a couple of weeks...

Update:  Tried 2nd can.  Something funny, almost phenolic, going on.  Or is that an American-hop-derived thing?  Maybe giving too much benefit of doubt.
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