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Christmas beer recipe for friends

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My girlfriend and I decided to give all of our close friends and family homebrew for Christmas this year. She's in charge of the packaging, I'm in charge of the brew.

I'd like it to be Christmas-themed - with holiday spices and such (clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.) and possibly some toasted oats. She wants to put them in big belgian bottles with cork and cages, so I was thinking a BDS or quad.

Does anyone have any good belgian/christmas-themed recipes that might point me in the right direction???

How about an Old Fezewig Clone?

This one turned out so good I am planning on making it professsionally. One note about belgian corks - you have to have a corker capable of corking belgians. I have one. It is an Italian Floor Corker and it was about $125 bucks. Champagne bottles work great for this if you can find them and many of them accept a bottle cap. Its the large size cap (is it 44ml??) available at

Christmas 07 (Spiced Cherry Dubbel)

10 gallons
OG 1.065
FG About 1.014

20 lbs German Pils (Wyermann)
1 lb Cara Vienne
1 lb Cara Munich II
1 bottle Dark Candi Syrup
1 lb Homade "Amber Cinnamon Candi" (near end of boil - last 10 min)
.5 lb Table Sugar

2oz Styrian Golding (3.5aa) 60 min
1oz EKG (5.5) 60 min

2 tsp Cinnamon to mash
1 tsp cinnamon in "Amber Candi"
1 tsp cinnamon @ flame out

WYeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II Slurry

In Secondary
8lbs Tart Cherries (ordered from HERE
4lbs Sweet Cherries (frozen from Publix)

At bottling: 2/3 cup per Tart Cherry Concentrate (from above supplier as well)

Mash in @ 148-150 for 90 min. 90 min boil. Chill to 66 and pitch yeast. Ferment 68 for about 2 days then ramp up to 72 until krausen starts to fall then ramp up to high 70s until fermentation is finished.

Secondary with cherries for 4-5 weeks. I recommend a tertiary for this - I got a lot of cherry sediment in the bottles.


--- Quote from: realbeerguy on August 04, 2010, 01:25:31 PM ---How about an Old Fezewig Clone?

--- End quote ---

This is my favorite Christmas time beer.  Too bad they don't sell it in 6 packs.

I perosnally never enjoyed the Old Fezziwig much. Great name though!!


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