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Insulation For Mash Tun

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I have a converted keg (legally obtained) mash tun. I'd like to add some insulation to the tun so that it holds temperature longer and more evenly.  I heat my strike water directly in the mash tun, so the insulation either has to be removable or fire proof.  Any suggestions?

We are fixing to insulate a 55 gallon SS mash tun. Have you tried plain 'ol water heater insulation? That's what we were planning on trying.

I put some of the bubble foil wrap on my keg mash tun.  Wrapped it around twice and secured it with 3 strips of velcro.  So I can remove it if I want to direct fire it or for cleaning.

Holds heat pretty well, but not as good as the cooler I use occasionally

The Professor:
I've insulated one of my mash vessels as well as my electric keggle with foam insulation wrap from Home's relatively thin and covered with a heavy duty foil material.  A couple of layers does the trick like a champ.

using it on the mash vessel was a no-brainer, but I put it around the keggle as an afterthought and saw immediate improvement in both the time it took to come to a boil, and the intensity of the boil.

So I assume it is not flammable?


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