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Rye Barleywine?

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Anybody ever make one? I have been thinking about it. Some 2 row, munich, rye, and crystal. Heavy on the hops Columbus and Chinook maybe some cascade thrown in. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

So here is what I have come up with
14# 2 row
3 # munich
5# rye malt
1.5# crystal 60
2# sugar
Mash at 153-154

3 oz. columbus @ 90
2 oz. chinook @ 20
2 oz. columbus @ 5
2 oz. columbus DH
I know the Ibu's are high for the style, but that's how I like it.
Thinking about US-05 for the yeast.

Anyone ever do anything like this?
I am thinking between the lower mash temp, and sugar the F.G. should end up around 1.018-1.020
I have not made a Barleywine before, so any input would be great. Thanks!

I've made rye BW a few times.  To me, it looks alike a lot of crystal.

 Thanks, Denny. I'll scale back the crystal by half. What where your thoughts on the rye BW's you have made?

Well, of course this is coming from a rye freak, but I love 'em.  You have to be careful that the mouthfeel doesn't get too big, but the sugar should take care of that. 


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